Environmental Route

PV park with trackers in Montserrat. 100 kW of photovoltaic power optimising the performance of the installation with solar panels that follow the path of the sun.
Installation of photovoltaic solar energy in a municipal building in Albalat de la Ribera. Solar installation connected to the electricity grid located on the roof of a building belonging to the Albalat de la Ribera Town Hall.
Wastewater treatment plant in Carcaixent.  Explanation of the process of wastewater treatment and utilisation of waste from a sewage treatment plant to generate biogas and grid-connected electricity.
Tous Dam. Water storage for irrigation and supply of towns and cities, for flood containment.  Environmental impact on rivers.

Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP)-La Ribera (Alzira)

Visit to a drinking water treatment plant to see the drinking water purification process carried out for drinking water.


Llacuna del Samaruc (Algemesí)

Visit to an artificial lagoon in the Albufera Natural Park.  This lagoon was an initiative of the City Council of Algemesí to recover the native flora and fauna of the Natural Park. It is a reserve of the native Samaruc fish in danger of extinction.

History of a catastrophe-La Pantanada de Tous 1982

Historical tour of some of the municipalities most affected by the 1982 Tous Dam Destruction (Antella, Gavarda, Alberic, Carcaixent and Alzira). Explanation of what happened on 20 October 1982.


Montanyeta dels Sants- Ullal de Baldoví (Sueca)

Visit to Montanyeta dels Sants and Ullal de Baldoví in the Albufera Natural Park. Importance of groundwater in the water cycle.


Biodiversity in the Corral de Rafel (L’Alcúdia)

Visit to the Corral de Rafel. Nature classroom next to an old path in the municipality of l’Alcúdia. Explanation of the importance of livestock and transhumance, as well as different herbs such as esparto grass. A workshop to make lip balm with local herbs.

Wastewater Treatment Plant and PV Plant Albufera Sur (Sollana)

Visit to a wastewater treatment plant where biogas is generated from the sludge to generate electricity and a visit to a 166 kW solar PV power plant.


The route and departure times are agreed between the school and the Environmental Education Department of the La Ribera Consortium. It can be done throughout the school year. The school should contact the centre by email or telephone to book a day.
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